Natalie Merizalde.

Welcome to my digital portfolio.

A space for video editing, writing, and graphic design.

A one-stop digital marketplace.


StudyFind is an Atlanta-based tech company that pairs research companies with research study participants and matches these clients with optimal financial and scientific opportunities according to their needs. I am currently staffed as one of the company’s video editors and the co-manager of their YouTube channel.

Odyssey Online.

Odyssey Online is a digital publication platform that has paired with universities around the nation to grant students the ability to publish professional journalistic content in collaboration with an editorial team. For over a year, I have worked as one of the community’s arts and entertainment journalists and film critics.

Miscellaneous Productions.

While I create content for both professional and collegiate organizations, I am also a self-motivated editor with a number of projects I have curated as an exercise in creativity and simple fun. Take a look into this goofier and more personalized perspective among my body of work.

Georgia State CMF 2020

Last Spring, I was asked to lend my time as a production assistant and script aid for the production “4 – 2 – 6 – 4.” A thrilling short film that centers around the psychological trauma wrought by a brutal home invasion, this project received first honorable mention at the highly competitive Georgia State CMF 2020.

More About Me

An aspiring teleplay writer, I was driven towards post-production as a unique form of storytelling with the power to radically enhance any project being put under the knife. I am familiar with all stages of post-production and I have demonstrated the ability to manage my own projects and contribute to team collaborations. From production assistant to writer-director, I am dedicated to my role in the creative process. Powerful communication skills, adaptability, and a passion to learn.

Get In Touch


As a current freelance artist and independent contractor, I may not be able to take calls during typical office hours. However, please do not be discouraged from leaving me a message. I will respond promptly, and no questions or inquiries will go unaddressed.

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