Natalie Merizalde.

Video Editing, Writing, Design. A one-stop digital marketplace.

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This is a vlog that I edited for the company StudyFind, a research platform and app founded and run by Emory alumni which connects users with research opportunities. I am the current term video editor and commercial filmmaker for StudyFind and am responsible for the production of their newest promotional content.

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I’m Natalie. I write, I produce and edit videos, and I create digital designs.

Check out my work and contact me down below.

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I’m Natalie, as you might’ve already seen. I’m an Atlanta-based commercial writer and filmmaker. I’m currently an undergraduate attending Emory University, where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English Creative Writing and Film.

I take my coffee decaf with extra milk and sugar. My only scar is from slamming face-first into a skating rink floor. I’ve loved telling stories longer than I’ve possessed the right words to string them together.

I am presently working as a commercial filmmaker and principal video editor for the company StudyFind, where I draft, produce, and edit much of their promotional film materials, such as promos, commercials, bios, and vlogs. I am also the executive of promotional design for the Emory radio station, WMRE, and am responsible for drafting and creating all of their promotional materials and club merchandise.

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As a current university undergraduate, I am typically unavailable to take calls or answer emails before 2 pm on weekdays. If you leave a message or drop me a voicemail, I will get back to you promptly. No messages will go ignored.

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