Final Website Revisions and Reflection

. . . Summing up the entire experience… Over the course of the semester, I tweaked, scrapped, edited, and re-edited a gambit of minuscule details about this website that anyone reading this probably hasn’t even noticed. Though I was confident in my original design of the site, which laid out my small but growing bodyContinue reading “Final Website Revisions and Reflection”

Final Project and Artist’s Statement

. . . I finally did it. For my final creative project, I set out to create an “authentic” YouTube-ready film review, meaning that the video incorporates the dominant styles, tones, and techniques of a typical career YouTube film reviewer, such as Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckman, or Ralph Sepe, three reviewers from which I drewContinue reading “Final Project and Artist’s Statement”

Research Essay: Rough Draft

. . . At all of seven years old, my father decided to officially induct me into the glamorous world of pickiness, hard-assery, and popular film criticism by flipping on Mystery Science Theatre 3000. This comedy special series revolves around the premise that a guileless American everyman had been shot into space by an evilContinue reading “Research Essay: Rough Draft”

Film 208: Creative Project Rough Draft

. . . Mullet-Wearing Asshole… For my final project, I’ve started to take steps towards creating the first review, a serious inspection of the tragic character Billy Hargrove of Netflix’s hit Stranger Things, by shooting some preliminary footage and selecting some scenes from the show that will be used in conjunction with my voice forContinue reading “Film 208: Creative Project Rough Draft”

Film 208: Annotated Bibliography

. . . 1. Ansen, David, et al. “FILM CRITICISM IN AMERICA TODAY: A CRITICAL SYMPOSIUM.” Cinéaste, vol. 26, no. 1, 2000, pp. 27–45. JSTOR, Available on JSTOR, this article on the new and ever-changing state of American film criticism was published in the Cinéaste quarterly in the year 2000, a red letter dateContinue reading “Film 208: Annotated Bibliography”

Film 208, Personal Essay: A Love Letter to the Small Screen

YouTube, you’ve done more than you realize… . . . One of the first memories I can possibly recall is a fleeting image of little four-year-old Natalie sitting cross-legged on the living room floor at something like six am, the lights switched off and the tv bathing the entire room in a white glow, castingContinue reading “Film 208, Personal Essay: A Love Letter to the Small Screen”

Film 208 Project Proposal: Film Critics in Pop Culture

How we went from Sergei Eisenstein to Ralphthemoviemaker. . . . For this semester-long project, I wanted to select a topic that I not only find extremely interesting, but that supports a community of entertainers and artists that I would very much want to be a part of: popular film criticism. Members of this groupContinue reading “Film 208 Project Proposal: Film Critics in Pop Culture”

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